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Answer is this small write up.

What is KP Astrology System In Vedic Astrology? (Nadi Astrology)

Saturn is a slow and icy planet. The key words for Saturn are focus, patience, conservative and plodding nature on the positive side. But delay, dissatisfaction, pain and anguish on the negative side. He rules Capricorn and Aquarius with exaltation in Libra and debilitation in Aries. He is neutral in respect to Jupiter.

He has special aspects on 3 Sextile and 10 Square signs from him apart from 7 th aspect.

According Sri KSK houses are for marriage. Reason being 2 nd house stands for family, 7 th house for legal relationship and 11 th house is for long standing friendship. The combination of these houses will result in marriage. There are supporting houses like which are said to be for love, sex and bed comforts but still they are only of secondary importance. KSK many a time mentioned that Saturn aspecting a house will cause delay if it is a signficicator for favorable houses and deny the result if it is not a positive significator.

Placement of Saturn in such a way give opportunity to caste a glance at houses may result in delay. Lakshmi Book Store. Main Menu.

KP Astrology : The Hidden secrets

Price : Rs. Quantity :. Disclaimer All prices on this website are subject to change without notice. Customers who bought this product also purchased How KP Pin points the Events. In the first groups, the Sun is the leader and Saturn is the leader of opposite side. It seems that Indians used this system to adjust the order. Therefore, Mars moved after luminaries and Saturn comes before other Asura Planets.

KP Astrology The Hidden Secrets

By this little change, all Daivy planets are at the first part and Asuri group is the next part. The structure of Yogini Dasa is more match with the mentioned order of exaltations and despite Vimshottari Dasa, its structure is not changed that much. The only change which is not reasonable is swapping the Moon and the Sun. Despite Parashara, there are some other texts which suggest the Sun as the first planet in Yogini Dasa and here I see a reason to trust the other ideas rather than Maharishi Parasara. It seems that religious and philosophical viewpoint of Indians made them to adjust the system they gave from Persians and develop their own system.

Directional systems made by Persians first and Indians applied that system by associating the modified version of order of exaltation to Nakshatras and making a new system which is known as Nakshatra Dasa. Persian system was not as flexible as Indian Dasa system we know today but still it was based on a very clear basis which was planetary exaltations.

Now there is a question.

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Is it good to use Vimshottari Dasa according to original order of exaltations? As a researcher who works with both systems and do not prefer a system to another, I believe that we need to test everything. I always appreciate traditional technics and I am also open to new Ideas and theories as well.


The current Vimshottari Dasa had been tested for several centuries and the new order which is represented here for the first time also needs to be tested. For astrologers who are loyal to classical systems, it might be a resistance against any possible change.

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For KP astrologers it might be harder because not only the Dasas will change, but also all sub divisions will be changed as well. So it needs to be very open to this new system to be able to judge about it.

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It needs years of research and patient researchers to test its validity. Good point. Also Sarvatobhadra cakra starts with Krtika, and I have a feeling that in our times, it should start with Uttara Bhadra I use Galactic Center ayanamsa. I have been waiting for this software to be available for 3 years now. Phone screen is just to small to be useful, I am waiting for Windows version. Your email address will not be published. Nakshatra lordships The logic behind Nakshatra lordship is not mentioned in any classic work. Phalguni P.

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Ashadha Sun Krittika U. Phalguni U. Bhadrapada Saturn Pushya Anuradha U. Order of planetary exaltation As far as I know, the only astrological system employs this order is ancient Persian system although this order as well as many other parts of Persian astrology was lost and never introduced to contemporary astrologers. Reordering Nakshatras If we reorder Nakshatras in their previous form, nothing will be changed in our calculations.