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The best part? In fact, you prefer pursuing people, not the other way around. To you, comfort and stability are much more important than your emotional and spiritual needs, which may make your partner feel a if something is missing from your companionship.

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After all, it can be quite easy for you to forget the nuances of romantic relationships. You want someone strong and committed, but also someone who can pay the bills and take care of you financially. For you, love and domesticity goes hand-in-hand.

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However, you tend to side-step confrontations with your lover and would prefer to bury something under the rug than get to the root of a problem if you think it might cause conflict, but the problem is you never forget — you might bottle up all your feelings for years before you finally air your grievances, which could come as a great surprise to your significant other. You need someone who can express their love and affection in a gentle way.

Much like their sun sign counterparts, people with a Leo in Venus is loud and proud about who they choose to love.

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  8. Because of this, you might hold onto a relationship a little longer than you should, which can lead to a lot of ups and downs. Love with you is certainly dramatic, to say the least. You tend to be attracted to charisma and power, as well as people with more flamboyant and larger-than-life personalities. Your passions are earthy and sensual. Money, success and the material turn you on. Someone who enjoys the finer things of life can be very exciting. When aroused, you're determined and willing to spend lots of energy in sexual pursuit. While you like to be cuddled and caressed, once your passions are engaged you are a patient and skilled lover who has great endurance.

    Your "sex switch" is turned on and your passion is aroused only when you're mentally engaged. You like the adventure that leads up to lovemaking, but if the affair loses it's intellectual excitement or becomes dull, you're ready to bail. This is why you often have multiple affairs.

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    You enjoy variety in sex and like to keep it fun. If the other person can charm you and make you laugh, you are there's. Your sexual feelings grow stronger for the other person if they make you feel safe and protected.

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    You don't feel comfortable with a lover who makes you feel insecure. You're sexually turned on when your partner makes an emotional connection with you. Sex for you is sensuous and feeling because you love to nurture your partner. You make love by intuition, especially when you feel a psychic connection to the other person.

    Your passion can disappear if you experience your lover as insensitive or unresponsive to your needs.

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    You require romance to be truly excited about a sexual affair. You're playful, hot and spontaneous. As a natural actor, you love drama and enjoy performing in the boudoir. But it's important your partner make you feel loved, adored and respected. You don't need conventional places for lovemaking. You can do it in the Kasbah, Joe's Bar or the back-of-the-car. Passionate and affectionate, you enjoy making love in luxurious or opulent surroundings as befits the princess or prince you are.

    Your shyness can make you appear demure or prudish. Your cautiousness can cause you to keep tight reign on your strong passionate nature. But in reality you're hot and earthy behind closed doors.


    You're turned on to a partner who's physically engaging, mentally exciting, well groomed and hygienically clean. You can make love like a fine craftsman who knows exactly what buttons to push for pleasure.

    Your sexual nature is likely to operate at extremes. You can be a bit shy and reserved towards sex, requiring that you be romantically sought after instead of being the aggressor. Yet, you have the capacity to be impulsive and very sensuous in your sexual behavior. Venus In Libra: In this article, know about the developments as Venus enters Libra and Venus transit effects on the 12 moon signs Jupiter Saturn Ketu Conjunction in Sagittarius How will this planetary movement influence your life.

    Will you get success in the near future? Rahu in Gemini and Ketu in Sagittarius: In this article, find out all about the Rahu Ketu transit predictions and the effects on the 12 Moon Sign Find here the free weekly astrology predictions as per your horoscope and zodiac signs for this week. These will help you know future and take control Login Or Register. Customer care 10am — 6pm, India. Aries and Aquarius Nature and Nuances: The courage of Aries, when colligated with the conviction of Aquarius, creates a beautiful amalgamation.

    Here are a few details of the Aries-Aquarius compatibility: Aries and Aquarius Personality Traits: Aries is one of the strongest, most powerful and courageous signs in Astrology. Pros and Cons of Aries and Aquarius Compatibility: Pros of the Aries Aquarius Relationship: The communication between these two signs will always be loaded with interesting content and thought-provoking opinions.

    Cons of the Aries Aquarius Relationship: Sometimes, the refusal of the Aquarius to work on the emotional front might make Aries bitter and jealous. Conclusion: This is a pair that can go to and win wars with each other. Share on. Life Meter Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state. Compatibility Check out how well will your wavelengths with others match. More Compatibility for you. Astrological Elements. Sun Sign The most easy to understand feature of Astrology. Planets Explore all about the 9 Agents of God — the 9 Planets.

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    Moon Sign The factor influencing your mind and emotions. Ascendant The House which forms the basis of the Horoscope. Nakshatras Explore the deeper aspects of the human psyche. You might also like.