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Aries and Gemini adore you. Your lucky numbers are: 4, 44, 38, 17 and 5. And because Aquarius senses his or her importance to society, this sign is often not shy about sharing intuition in the form of social discourse. But it goes deeper than that. Aquarius is known to make comments out of the blue that strike a chord with others. Aquarius will serendipitously run into just the person who most can benefit from the effervescent energy of this sign. For Aquarius to maximize this gift, this sign must first acknowledge it and embrace the role of interdimensionality that Aquarius plays.

Read about the collective unconscious, study dreams and archetypes. Learn about channeling. The multitalented Leo was born when both the sun and Mercury were in Leo.

Her natal moon in Sagittarius favors international appeal, as Sagittarius is the sign of explorers and worldly sophistication. Lopez has ambitious Mars in Sagittarius as well. By Holiday Mathis. More in Horoscope. He also cites a litany of legal reasons he should get a new trial, including the testimony of a jailhouse snitch who Caruso says fabricated a story about him incriminating himself in Berfield's killing during a conversation the two inmates had in a prison hospital cell. Lewis, Caruso's attorney. Prosecutors, however, say there was plenty of evidence for the jury to convict Caruso of first-degree murder, including his history of stalking her, a ripped-up manual on how to build a bomb found in the trash at his home and detailed dossiers he had on Berfield and her relatives.

Berfield, 32, worked at a Bickford's restaurant in Medford, just north of Boston. According to testimony at his trial, Caruso, a longtime regular customer, began insisting on sitting in Berfield's section beginning in For a couple of years, they had what Berfield described as "light conversations. But in August of , after Berfield declined Caruso's invitation to go to a movie with him, she told her manager she felt uncomfortable because Caruso insisted on sitting in her section, where he would stare at her while smirking.

The manager asked Caruso to sit in a different area of the restaurant.

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The next month, Berfield's car was vandalized four times. Caruso was later convicted in three of the episodes and spent several months in jail. After the vandalism of her car, Berfield obtained a civil restraining order against Caruso. In court documents, Berfield accused Caruso of stalking her at home and at the restaurant. Caruso denied the allegations, attributing them to Berfield's "hysteria," according to court documents. At the time, criminally enforceable restraining orders were only granted for people who were related to or dating their alleged stalkers.

Because Berfield never had a relationship with Caruso, that option was not available to her. After Berfield's death, her family waged a decade-long campaign to change the law. In , the law was changed to extend criminal protection orders to victims of stalking and sexual abuse who do not have a dating or familial relationship with their perpetrators.

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A Massachusetts firefighter police say walked naked into a Rhode Island convenience store on a dare to buy a soda has been ordered to perform community service and donate to charity. Willimantic teen sentenced for illegally making, selling guns A Connecticut teen is facing a year and a half behind bards after pleading guilty to one count of dealing in firearms without a license.

Yale investigates painted swastika above 'Trump' at law school Yale University police are investigating after a swastika above the word "Trump" was painted on the steps of the Ivy League school's law school. Police officer facing drunken driving charge seeks pretrial program A veteran Connecticut police officer who was charged with drunken driving for allegedly sideswiping a truck on a highway has applied for an alcohol education program.

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Whistleblower accuses Navy shipbuilders of ignoring nuclear sub testing procedures. Greens Harbor project completed — but at a hefty cost. The Day veteran John Foley remembered as consummate newsman, character. Thank you for letting get to know all the characters. Friends one and all. Oh man! My comic loving 10 year old is a wreck about this. What a great strip. Very tight gags, well drawn with strong characters. We get the St.

Louis Post-Dispatch and to be honest, the comics are the main reason. I am quite sad that this comic has ended. A good comic strip is hard to find these days so it is tough to loose one. May they appear one day again. Oh, no!! Tumbleweeds is gone, and now Lucky Cow!! My two most favorite ever comics, and both that I followed from their beginnings.

I understand that artists might want to do something else with their lives, so I wish Mr.

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Pett well. I do wish that Lucky Cow had ended on a more positive note, though. The last cartoon was kind of depressing.

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  7. I really enjoyed reading lucky cow over the course of its run. I feel that it was a great strip with a great subject. I will sorely miss it. I dont believe it! How could he retire!? Now, Lucky Cow, the last remaining good comic in my newspaper, is gone and has been replaced by another lame comic.

    THE WAYBACK MACHINE: Death of the Herald Examiner

    On another note, the funniest Lucky Cow comic ever appeared a few months ago involving monk driving a child labour Suduku writing place. No rations for you! I will miss the crew of Lucky Cow. Mark Pett was able to create one of those special strips where the world he drew came alive. My local paper, the Calgary Herald, messed up by running the final strip a week early, then continuing the strip until the end, re-printing the final strip on the last day when it should have been run.

    Talk about confusing! In its place is now another lame-o Far Side rip-off. I totally miss Lucky Cow. It even got referenced by another strip, Pooch Cafe, about a month ago. I thought that overall the comic was very funny. I think Mark Pett is a coward. The strip was doing great. Maybe not every one was hit the nail on the head gold, but you have to stick to it. All the best ones did. I think Mr.


    Pett i am deeply saddened by your decision to discontinue Lucky Cow. I absolutely loved it everyday i looked forward to coming home and reading that to make me laugh. Major bummer, but I hope you decide to replace it with another great comic strip. Creators who end their strips are actually demonstrating their professionalism. Real pros do it for the money as well as the job satisfaction which in part is down to being paid well.